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Sunday, February 15, 2015

The misunderstood ….. ~ Irony or Tyranny??

There was a recent news on how a 15 year old of a school in Bangalore jumped to her death. The girl, according to the news reports, was a bright and a proactive student. So, what drove her to suicide?? She was friendly with a classmate in a manner that was more than just friendly. After some counseling and repeated warnings followed by suspension, the girl whose life could have turned out better (had she understood the complications that should rise from her actions), just decided to flee from her cage of do’s and don’ts and took her life. As usual, discussions, blame games and a lot of tweets and posts floated around advocating what is right/wrong. However, the beaten lot here, are the teenagers.

Teenage – An age, when you feel like an adult but the world refuses to acknowledge you as one.

A sudden play of hormones, those unexplained changes in physique, the attraction that comes along for the opposite sex, the urge to try the untried and the exhilaration that comes in doing something sans the scrutiny of parents, teachers or guardians, explains why teenage is challenging. Of course, waywardness in a teen is a different thing altogether. But then, pray tell, which of the above stated changes have we not experienced in our growing years? Most of us have. And who are we kidding?? Haven’t we been through the same phase at some point in our lives? Haven’t we nurtured secret crushes? (I bet 80 % of us did have). And, then there are always some who were more pulled towards the laws of attraction than the other. We have seen that kind too. And today, the same ‘we’ are quick to judge a teenager who just took her life.

It is here, the upbringing at home comes into picture. And as parents/ teachers, we need to ask ourselves…..

  • In today’s world, most children have access to everything they haven’t earned yet (an iphone 6 for eg). Why is that?  
  • Do you have time for your children? Do they share everything with you?
  • How often do you allow your children to watch television endlessly and then, complain about it later when that routine becomes a habit? (The same can be said about allowing children as young as three or four to access mobile phones and gadgets)
  • How often do you sit down and chat with your teenager in a friendly way, at the same time assuring them that you are always there for them?
  • How many of you parents/teachers sham away from discussing about sex education with the children?
Today, teenagers are smart. Talk about big cities, they probably don’t need any info from anyone about infatuations, sex or even trending teen issues (like teen pregnancy).  The only issue with them is they being unaware of the fact that they alone shall be responsible for their actions. This girl was bright. Her actions prior to her death may have been objectionable. But the question lingers…..”Could this death have been averted?” The answer to this question shall always be unclear.

May her soul rest in peace. Amen!



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