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Monday, February 23, 2015

This and that!! ~ From a nomad's diary

“What on earth does ‘elo meno p’ mean?? It is L M N O P!!”, I am tired of explaining this to my son every single day!! I am not sure if that is how they teach in school. Unfortunately for me, my son has more faith in the teachers (a good thing I thought so), than on me. But then still, what in the hell, does that ‘elo meno p’ mean after all?? Arrrgghhhh!! And, pre primary schools won’t give me a job because I don’t have a certificate that asserts that I can teach toddlers!! I mean, seriously??

I am tired of being the mobile finder in the house. Anything if not found, ask the lady of the house. It is her duty after all, to know which thing can be found in which of the unlikeliest places!! For instance, whenever hubby asks me to get his mobile or wallet or the car keys, he also gives me a location where I know for a fact, that I will not find any of it there, for sure! My son displaces my watch every single day (even if I manage to change its location everyday) and then, watches me ransack the whole place for it (I cannot do without one!!). It is only after my house is upside down, he gets up, retrieves it and gives it to me!! What fun must that be, right??

The homework episodes are crazy. Everyday practice at his age is crucial as even a miss of a day ‘s work induces enough inertia and disinterest in him, to demotivate him from studying further. And so, when I ask him nicely to finish his homework, he leaves no stone unturned in bringing the blues in me! It is only when I shout and reprimand him in the sternest of my tones (am sure my voice reaches many places around where I live), he finishes it in a jiffy! Once he is done with his homework, it is I who breathes easily! Yes, I did it!! But my son does not forget anything unpalatable. So he makes sure that he 'repeat telecasts' all of it when hubby is home....."Dad.....you know mom scolded me today".....and definitely does not forget to call up my mother and say....."paati, amma inniki enna aducha!!"  Did I mention, how I always wanted to be a villain in my childhood??

Sometimes, I ask my mom if I was difficult as a toddler. She quips after some thought, ”No. you became difficult later!!” So I asked her, “So, by corollary, is my son supposed to be easy when he grows up??” Her look was enough to tell me that I had dropped my brains somewhere!! As a grandparent now, her answers are diplomatic. I cannot get whether her yes is a no or, her no is a yes.

Why do people feel that, I am offered jobs in a platter?? Every single soul around tells me to apply for a job. What makes them think, I haven’t?? And, if I have not got one yet, the questions turn into a gigantic heap of advice. “You must complete this course, you know” and blah blah!! Yeah, right! I did not know that! The bottom line is everyone around is making it sound as if, being a homemaker is synonymous with being useless and that, before I become useless useless, I should do something about it!! Now here is what I think. People who think they are busy with a job are actually busier doing whatsapp and what not..during their office hours. People, I pretty much know what to do with my life. My priorities are crystal clear for the moment! God!! Who, is this world kidding?? 

That was enough for a day, I suppose!! All that said, all my woes disappear the moment when my son wraps his arms around my neck and asks me to sing a song to him or say stories in the night or, when hubby casually remarks, "you are getting fitter, with each passing day". Yes, as a mother and as a wife, I get perturbed when the discipline of the house goes haywire. But then, I don't forget to remind myself that life is indeed, beautiful!!

P.S: I just finished writing this and what do I find?? My son has nicely wiped his mouth on my kurti after having chavanprash, this morning!! Boys will be Boys. Sigh!!



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