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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Human behavior, complex relationships ~ Relationships

Please note: The post below is an intended study on human behavior. Just a try after a lot of observation around. Comments are welcome 

Not without a reason, there goes a saying – ignorance is bliss. Well, here I would like to modify the statement - sometimes it is and sometimes, it is best to feign ignorance. When you come of age, you might have actually met a million people out there, and would be still meeting many more. That crowd you know contains all those people: ones you love, ones who make you feel loved and adored, ones who annoy you, ones who you are jealous of and ones who swell green with envy at the very sight of you, ones who make a real impression on you and some who disappear as snow flakes that brush off your fur coat and melt into the ground with a never to be seen message. But all of them make you learn lessons of life: History always repeats itself, no matter what! What is even more common, although perceived often with a bolt from the blue, are the rogue waves adhering to fatal laws of attraction. Most sixth sensed creatures of this world gets nudged down by the nubile waves of adolescence that comes with its surprise attacks of puppy love (or attraction?), lust and attention seeking syndrome. And the indulgence further sinks deep into a phase, the youth, making one feel more high, in his world, matured? Well, here the ignorance continues to play bliss as long as the self is misguided, misguided from the fact that there are more Chinese boxes waiting to be opened which will open further surprises, pleasant or otherwise, left to destiny. And then as the self grows, it feels poignant when it comes to love, relationship and security. After all this is where a human marks himself different from the five sensed animals. The human always yearns for security. He wants to socialize and he never wants to be alone. And that is when the down slide (or landslide perhaps?) starts. Not sure when the derailment happens, but when it does, the human does wonder, whatever happened? Probably, he did not see it coming. No, he did not, rather saw, but did not want to take measures to stop, as the precaution or should I say medicine was too bitter to be ingested? Not quite. Humans are humans. He thinks he can overcome hurdles in life, with that thing called love. And the catch lies there. That is where he is mistaken for life! Love? What is love? He knows love, but he does not understand it. It is just like, you know who Adolf Hiltler was, but you don’t know him! And then he further thinks love is security, but it is not. A wise man once said, “Love is something you let go off and it comes back to you and resides with you as long as your heart does not build fences and locks.” And the normal human instinct ignores the wise words and heads straight towards the impending doom only to let the history repeat itself over and over again. No wonder, human make is too complex to comprehend. But then if one cannot unravel the mystique make of a human mind, it is best to not test its inscrutability and accept it as it is.



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