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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Oh Mind, relax please!

Mind.....Mind......It is such a stallion! Cannot stop at anything.....Sometimes, I wonder what would be the condition of this world, if our body were as fast as mind? Well, no prizes for any guesses here..... Well so here I go with some of my random ramblings...... (of course you may read at your risk)....

Tits bits from the fine change in life!

Life after marriage has definitely been a challenge. The life before was never so hectic. The life after is never so simple (of course, “added responsibilities” on the lil shoulders). Nevertheless, I still enjoy the change......after all change is what remains permanent in life!

I think I should build a temple for my mother who has been a home maker all her life! Not just mother, but all the homemakers! House keeping business is the toughest job on earth! Anyone who dares to question it will face the wrath of this feline! Only when I have started to manage home and work simultaneously (I won’t say successfully), I have come to understand how much me and my dad have bugged my mom in my school days, by dirtying up the floor, throwing stuff here and there randomly and piling up clothes on bed. Those days a small scream from my mom regarding such indiscipline used to drive me crazy and I used to wonder, whatever happened that she has created so much fuss about! Now every unanswered question of yesterday is being answered so subtly and curtly by life!

And marriage, I have come to understand requires a lot of adjustment. Adjustment which is made up of 60% love and 40% understanding. Life before was definitely carefree because we never had to worry about the “responsibility” part. Post marriage, there are a lot of things that fill into the small beautiful world formed by the couple. Commitments towards family, commitment towards society, commitments towards self are not statements made just for the feel of the word commitment. To understand it takes a great deal of effort, specially the commitment towards self.

When I look at my parents, I gape in awe! Handling a brat like me would have been a terrible task for them. I was not the typical spoilt brat (being the single child), but I had my annoying levels of stubbornness which could transform even a peaceful Buddha into one seething in rage. The shiny gray hair on my mother’s head is a blatant evidence to the pain I had given her, just for doing my academics well. My husband keeps telling me to idolize his in-laws (my adorable parents) as role models for parenting..... Not that it is impossible, but it wont be an easy task though! :P

But lessons learnt are lessons imbibed! Hope the beautiful change in my life transforms me from an irresponsible child to a responsible lady 



Blogger Jayaram said...

Yeah, marriage is an institution of adjustments and sacrifices and love and what not. Well written.

November 10, 2010 at 9:11 PM  

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