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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A piece of mind in words!!

I am not so freaked out on social issues but at times, I wonder, is dealing with social issues and being proactive so difficult a task? Now social evils keep happening in every nook and corner of the world (coz, i know there are nations where things take to a murkier side as far as females are concerned), but what I cannot understand is why the number of thefts/dacoity/murders/rape/assault/molestation cases have been on a steady rise ever since the nineties. Disturbing cases of rape and murder of females in corporate has left behind a dread that is spreading like a plague in an otherwise peaceful city like Pune. Anyone would think twice before venturing out when it is so apparent that criminals with a hideous record are out there to hunt down the innocents. So who are to blame for such fiascos? Or can these blames be related to something like the butterfly effect? Like in the case of the 25 year old who was raped in broad day light in a moving car that had earlier given her lift till home, only! if only if the gal had taken a rick/pmt/shared rick to travel, only if she had an escort, only if she was intelligent enough not to trust the rogues, only if the police had netted down the criminals long back!! The list of 'only's will never end! In the reel side of the Butterfly effect, it showed people travelling back in time to resurrect the bygone events. Now since 'only if' is nothing but a misnomer, it is not possible to do the same in real life. Precautions need to be taken when there is no cure to a rotting moral fibre of our society.

It felt strange to read how the lady got into the car that did not even remotely bear a gentleman’s look. They say –Ignorance is bliss..... Here it turned out to be a curse!!

Now, coming to the crux of my point, has our law system become so loose, so sluggish, so naked and so blind that it has been indifferent towards people who have had a conspicuous criminal record? I wonder what kind of a police force do we have? Whom are they protecting from and from what? Both the victims and the predators are out. And the police like in reel life, arrive only after the debacle. I came across another article in the newspaper, where some citizens were attacked by some hired goons and the police arrived 4 hours post the panic call. Last but not the least, what kind of punishment would the constitution of our country suggest for these criminals? It strongly believes that even if a criminal escapes, an innocent should not be punished. Here the first half of the statement has been taken care of, but the second half of the statement seems to have disappeared into a thin mist of oblivion! It is obvious that our rules are stringent only as per convenience. Even if criminals are caught, they somehow, get scott free through loop holes of our law.

And coming to roots of our society, there is no end to its demonic side where females are treated with contempt, as some helpless hapless creatures who cannot defend their self. At times, I wonder is that why the old concept of ‘Dehleez ke paar’ was a phrase of substance? Only the perspective of ‘Dehleez’ has broadened its sphere now. I am not getting too conventional about women’s revolution since years. But as they say, ‘choora kharbhuje par gire, ya kharbooja choore par, kat ta to kharbhuja hi hai aakhir mein!’, the statement somehow even today holds true for women. Not just here, even across the globe, females who undergo various traumatic phases in their life are always the victims cum scapegoats for all the blame game that takes place over their distress.

But then ranting is not the right thing to do..... there are a few things that females of today need to take care of:

  • Acting Bold in a Stupid Situation makes you more stupid. If at all, females are confident of venturing into unknown pockets of the city all by themselves, they should have a back up plan of tackling such issues, like carrying some pepper mint spray or a packet of chilli powder or must be good with martial arts!
  • Females are supposed to be vigilant and proactive! The slightest hint of any different behaviour from people around must incite her to become more watchful. This is no hero’s world! No superman or Spiderman is going to come and rescue his Lois or Mary from the clutches of blood thirsty creatures roaming around freely. High time, turning a blind eye to the atrocities against women!
  • And the last thing, working females don’t have to be workaholics. As the clock strikes showing onset of dusk, she needs to speed back home! This statement is specially applicable for women in IT industry. A female’s security is more valuable than the deliverable a client demands! And most important of all, more than anyone, the female herself is supposed to understand that her dignity is the most important and priceless asset gifted by nature which should not be taken for granted!
And coming to the laws of our country, criminals of all kind need to get the taste of the real hell! People who commit crimes must be made to ride through their own crimes once, to understand the meaning of agony felt by the victims! Rapists, molesters and sexual predators must be put through an expedition of their own horrendous acts to learn the meaning of the word: Respect and Self respect! Wish there were more people like Kiran Bedi who could drill sense into the senseless youth of today. At least make a few people tread into the right way of living! The world has been designed by the nature in such a way, where the good and the evil are supposed to co exist. And nature’s fury comes into play when the balance is disturbed. Wish, our society start taking social issues seriously!! Period.



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