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Friday, May 1, 2009

Relationships and the current generation

Am not sure what prompted me to write about this but still just felt like sharing some thougts that fleeted across my mind.
Here it goes -
Life today has become quite fast and so has the generation. Relationships could be described as some commercial commodities which can just be discarded for the new/updated/whatsoever. Unlikely, the world has not changed much in terms of reality.

What has changed is the perception of the current generation towards relationships, marriages and comittments. Words like adjustments, compromises, give and take do not sound realistic today. One good reason as to why even the minor sacrifices seem herculean to this generation is becoz it has always and only seen the brighter side of life. Considering the older times, the people belonging to the yester years have definitely gone through quite rough patches in their times. Yet, tolerating each other, rejoicing together during the ups of life, supporting each other through the downs in life, compromising for each other forgetting own’s discomfort and adjusting to each other’s ways of life had been their strategy to maintain the healthy equilibrium of marriage. Kudos to their patience and tolerance, that the generation today is able to feed on the greener pastures.

All this made me question the very essence of marriage to which a wise man replied serenly:  “Marriage is a beautifully decorated empty pot ready to get filed with love, compassion, affection, trust, and humility. It is not just a blissful union of two souls, but a happy alliance of two families. When two people enter this wonderful unification, the bride not only accepts the groom as her husband, but also his family as her family. The same applies to the groom as well”.

So the joint venture includes equal share in joy and pain. It is all about complementing each other in all times to come.
But today, it seems the definition, even though remaining the same, has become hypothetical. Many a times, misconceptions, misunderstanding, miscommunications and mistrust become the bulwark of a failing marriage. But are these reasons enough to snap ties? Trust and freedom are pillars for any relation to blossom. After marriage, what gets to be new is increase in trust and quarantine the freedom when necessary.

It is pretty natural for two different people tied in a divine relation called the marriage, to come up with different expectations and a different spectrum of thoughts. Hence it is essential for both to understand that a bridge of mutual respect requires to maintained strong through out. It always takes two to tango (but here in the positive sense).

The good thing about the current generation is that they have a choice in selecting the partner they want. The sad part is that their level of tolerance has hit rock bottom. In no time, will the days approach when nothing actually would seem to be wrong for the generations to come. This is some area where this current generation needs to retrospect and analyze if the direction it has taken for future is the right one or not.Period!



Blogger Parasu [I'm NO Guru] said...

Good one...Narayani... Life still remains on compromises/adjustments at all levels....with parents, siblings, friends, spouse, kids....What makes it more workable is that these adjustments needs to be from both sides...especially for a husband-wife relationship...

May 17, 2009 at 3:09 AM  

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