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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Aamir ~ Movie Review

Dated : 23-07-08

“This wretched world is so much full of hate when there is so little time to love…..”

Aamir is a brilliant movie directed by Raj Kumar Gupta with the cast – Rajiv Khandelwal as the male protagonist – Dr. Aamir Ali. It is a very simple but beautifully written script about a Good Samaritan doctor – Aamir, who having studied medicine in London decides to return back to his beloved motherland and more importantly to his affectionate family that consists of his parents, three sisters and a younger brother. Everything is moving smoothly in life for our Aamir who has a name to him, a wonderful family and a beautiful girl friend -soon to marry (who ironically is a Hindu and this fact establishes the secular mindset of this young handsome doctor). But it seems Destiny has other plans for him…..
“Kaun kehta hai ki har aadmi apni kismat khud banata hai?”As our hero gets up from his sweet slumber to find that he has reached his much adored destination, he gets ready for a warm rendezvous reunion with his doting family. But life is not what it seems to be. Moments later he waits outside the airport slightly agitated at the fact that he doesn’t find his family to welcome him at the airport and nor his phone is answered at home. But his wait of those few seconds is disturbed as his luggage is suspiciously scooped off and two anonymous motorcyclists hurl a mobile at him and honk off. As the mobile starts ringing, his face cribs with utter dismay and confusion, unable to comprehend the happening around him. And then as he attends the call by anonymous caller, he realizes for no reason, his innocently decorated fairy tale world comes crumbling down to dust, slaughtering his fore seen blissful dreams that abruptly paves way for a never ending bizarre nightmare. Then as the movie proceeds, Aamir, landing up in the beleaguered by-lanes of the dingy area of Dongri (in Mumbai) in his unfriendly suite, realizes slowly the gut fact that he has been caught in an uncanny mesh created by a bunch of religiously fanatic and conniving wierdos of his own community, who deceitfully trap him, by taking his family as hostage. With no body to help him around in his hour of agony, he is forced to work as a puppet in the hands of the unknown devious minds, who relentlessly monitor his movements as well as thoughts. As the movie progresses towards the end, and as the climax sheds its cocoon, he shockingly comes to realize, with his conscience suffering immense mental fatigue and an appalling pain….., that he has been embroiled in a malicious bombing conspiracy to bring dread in the lives of the innocents…..
The movie has done a great job from every angle be it the camera effect, the direction, the script and the acting. The sudden camera movements by Alphonse Roy and the unpredictable background score by Amit Trivedi is impeccable. This is the first movie for Rajiv Khandelwal(who is a renowned tele actor having credits to his name in serials like Left Right Left as Captain Rajveer) and is definitely a launch pad for him towards the fame world as he has come up with a restrained but natural performance of a troubled common man. The acting by Gajrao Rao as the sadistic villain also deserves accolades.
This is a must watch Folks!



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