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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Where in the name of Lord, has humanity gone?

Dated : 19-06-08

In the intricate journey of childhood to adulthood, a man undergoes a complete transition from innocence to expediency, from fearlessness to consciousness, from a fairy tale life to a tough life, bestowed upon him by this callous world. As a child he is innocent, dumb and probably novice, but at a later stage when the same child grows up to become a man, he appears to be (mind it well…..just appears to be) pragmatic, well behaved, learned and so on. In short he turns out to be something he is not. I know u folks must be wondering what I am trying to convey. Right? Well I precisely want to say that we all have become a bunch of nerds living in an eccentric world where anything done differently is treated indifferently. Why I gave the analogy of a child is becoz, as a child a man doesn’t fear anything becoz he has no expectations and he looks at the world as if he has nothing to lose, but as time proceeds, when he gets to know the society, the world he lives in, he no more remains the same….he adapts not only to the society but also adopts the changes by changing his own identity.
This world has become a hard-hitting ruthless place to live, not showing any signs of improvement in the perspective of humanity. It is like residing in an alien planet with a bunch of wierdos where the desire to help and expectations to be helped have dropped dead!!!!! There have been times when we witness something that is not right. Instead of retaliating to the incident, we look over the incident as any normal incident. WHY? One incident just happened a couple of months back. The incident was small but it showed me the grass reality. I had just got down from my office bus and was heading towards home. And the time was probably 7:15 pm. While listening to the music as I usually do, I was just approaching the corner of the road when a boy was just hit by a car and he fell off from his bicycle. He was not injured…..I just rushed to see if everything was ok. I helped him to stand on his legs. He gave me that “THANK YOU” look with a smile that contained both surprise and relief at the same time which appeared all the more confusing to me for two reasons. One as to why that boy gave me a surprised look and second why no one in that crowded road came to rescue that li’l boy? While I discussed this with my friend, she din seem to appreciate what I did. Instead she started asking me if at all I knew the person whom I rushed to help…. (Sigh!) Do we really need to know a person to help him/her when they are in distress in front of our eyes…..?????
People often mistake the ‘Minding ones own bussiness’ approach towards life for pragmatism. They think by doing that precisely, one becomes a sensible and a level headed person. As per me, that perception is absolutely wrong. I would coin the term – senile rather than sensible for such people. Whatever happens in this world happens as per the destiny’s want. “The day a man ignores injustice as any other normal happening, he must remember that he is next in the line of fire”. Ignorance is always a bliss but deliberate ignorance is nothing less than a sin. The world has progressed to a great extent in terms of technology and prosperity. On the contrary it has shrinked so much that we are always just a call/chat away from our chums, but alas! it has regressed equally in terms of humanity. Sometimes I feel, this world is badly in need of mavericks who can make a difference and prove that there is a world beyond money, work and fun. We were born with two hands. One hand is to help self and the other hand to help others. The day this world realizes it, it would be God’s dream come true (if at all there is a GOD watching all of us from above…..)


Blogger Sandy said...

I completely agree with you... people are so much involved in just themselves that we have forgotten the real essence of living. All the things that are supposed to aid humans have ironically started engulfing them. With the advent of transport, communication, entertainment, engineering we all have become slaves to them and forgotten the basics of life such as selfless sacrifice and service.

You articles are thought provoking and well written. Keep writing. Cheers!

August 30, 2008 at 6:22 AM  
Blogger Bala said...

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September 2, 2008 at 6:19 AM  
Blogger Bala said...

hmmm... these days pple don't help pple whome they know or even have taken help from... what can i say about helping total strangers?
Kindness is a rarity... nay oddity...
Pple want to prove they are smarter / better by defying all ethics.
One only needs to follow the news everyday to understand how apathetic, indifferent and insensitive our society has become.

September 2, 2008 at 6:27 AM  
Blogger Sandy said...

Yeah so true.. I agree most of it has to do with the increasing competition for people to survive and outsmart others. The ones who do not have the patience and / or the skills to succeed against all odds and on their own tend to use the short-cuts in life and along the way leave the ethics and way of right leaving far behind.. Hope people realize just having the money, fun, luxuries and in the shortest possible time is not what life is but far much greater and deeper than that.

September 2, 2008 at 7:21 AM  

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