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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Taaren Zameen par..... Movie Review

Dated : 08-01-08

Taare Zameen Par - A perfect serving to the end of a forgettable 2007. This movie has rocked Bollywood box office. The world created by Prasoon Joshi, with an imaginary ‘duniya’ that had planets,fishes,plants,mud,UFOs and so on was quite commendable. It has also portrayed an other world that is least bothered about imaginations and rather believes more in the 'ground reality' that is asserted time and again with the untold words that it is a rat race after all and winning is the only way to the pinnacle. Parents being overly apprehensive about children and children vexed about the marks that in due time carries little value as compared to the gargantuan hard work put in by the them, is what this movie portrays in the first half. And then, there is this dyslexic 8 year old Ishaan Avasthi.

Ishaan loves miniature creatures and he finds fishes to be most fascinating. He loves stray dogs, cleans their ears, fights for them and plays against the other boys of his locality and is frequently admonished by his parents specially branded by his father as ‘DUFFER’……’STUPID’…..and so on. Yet, he is loved by his doting mother who adoringly calls him ‘eeennuuuu’ and is lovingly encouraged by his talented all rounder elder brother for his imaginatively rich paintings. However that does not stop him from frequently getting punished by his teachers as he is unable to ‘grasp’ anything in the class as he explains how the letters dance in front of his eyes and gives the answer for 3*9 = 3 (This is how our eenu interprets - as how the planet no 3 ie Earth has to be put into planet no 9 ie Pluto and how the net result after the collision is Planet no 3 The Earth). Such weird are his imaginations which are later explored in the movie through his paintings that turn out to be a perfect blend of nifty hands and an ingenious mind. The first half of the movie is a bit slow with a fast music showing us the enormous dare in the 8 year old who when expelled from the class for his brazen attitude, intrepidly walks away in the streets of Mumbai exploring the roads, the people, the constructions and the laborers and so on, not giving a damm about what the world thinks about him and how he had become a butt of ridicule for the people around him for being a loser.

The movie then proceeds faster with excellent music composed by Shankar and brother Raman Mahadevan. The second half mainly focuses on how this ruthless world does not welcome any change and how it fails to think outside the box and how a dyslexic but a revolutionary eenu (who is later put in a boarding school) where his maverick teacher(Aamir Khan) brings the phenomenal tur around in the child. 

The anthology of emotions like anger, helplessness, disillusionment, hopelessness, fear of failure and haplessness created due to incessant ridicule, murder of self esteem portrayed by the child artist is mind blowing and the sympathy that proliferates in the teacher’s heart that easily shows off in his face for the kid is most alluring saga of this movie…

It is a paradox that we all see the glittering stars that are far far away and however small they are we strain and see them with lot of efforts. But we are unable to spot the sparkling stars amidst us who are hidden beneath the clouds of dyslexia . The loser is not the star as he still lives in his wonderful world but the losers are the unfortunate parents and it took an Amir Khan to bring out the reality as a gripping eye opener. I give it a hi five!!



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