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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Anything for you mam! ~ Book Review

Anything for you Mam is a hilarious book by an adventurous and naughty but a die hard romantic IITian – Tushar Raheja. A book very splendidly written in a simple language with a striking direction, citing all the cute naughtiness hidden inside every guy, takes the reader into the adventurous life of this IITian, who step by step details out as to what all impediments he had to cross in his college tenure to meet his love to the extent of missing his industrial tour.

As the reader kick starts, he embarks on a wonderful journey of an IITian’s college life filled with a pot load of mischief and notoriety, where studying in the most reputed institute hardly matters to the guys. The author brings out certain facets of guys beautifully like the aching in every guy to have a girlfriend with whom he can share his feelings, with whom he can indulge in a romantic candle light dinner, for whom he can lie to any extent even to their professors to the extent of bunking industrial trips, with whom he can just sit back and relax reminiscing cherished memories of togetherness. The author narrates a chain of incidents with a fantastic humor, starting with his well known notoriety as a regular next door prankster that is followed by his introduction to his sister’s friend (with whom he falls in love with) and his tussles and tiffs with his professors for having done all 'not so ideal' things to provoke them and last but not the least, his succession of lies that he concocts in order to miss his industrial tour, just to meet his lady love in Chennai. The perfect ending with how that much coveted tour to Chennai rewards him each time with striking fetter of coincidences makes him finally realize "After all, it is a small small world!!!!!"

Kudos to the author for his brilliant writeup! A must read for all guys and gals! It is a good read that is bound to lift up your moods anytime!



Blogger Tom said...

I found the book little boring.He talking about small small things very often and also making them lenghty.One should take care how many paras should be written for an instance.

January 12, 2009 at 2:02 AM  

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