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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hostel life - Part 3 (Lessons learnt................) ~ College memoirs


Then that’s how those 4 endearing years went by…. (Sigh!)…I really cannot elucidate in words…..we have had the finest times and the worst times together, the best laughs and the worst fights, faced all the RAGGING with ease as we were mentally prepared for the inevitable, beleaguered our wardens to the limit with mischiefs that hid behind the innocent faces, gossiping about the popular ones., enjoying the morning tea and poha at a small tea stall in the campus which was no less than a C-Cday for us in that alienated place, freaking out to enjoy the lip smacking pani puris of the road side..however unhygienic that looked or was and the scrumptious food of the costliest restaurants(Name them and we have been there! As the mess food was just good enough to keep us alive….), working out on preliminary planchets to check whether ghosts really existed and if they did…could they talk?????… and had asked them questions assuming for that time that they did exist…as to how much were we going to score in the forthcoming exams, have been through all thick and thin, have shared the happiness and sorrow of our mates equinanimously , fighting with all the tough guys and winning away the battles as alwaysand the best part was we rarely bunked lectures and had all been the first benchers….ask why? We just loved to bug our lecturers… And in the end always managed to come out with flying colors (not becoz of lecturers…but becoz of the one day matches we played hard enough, through group studying and tutoring each other till as late as 4am in the mornings) and completing the journals the day before submission through the common rule of COPY-PASTE and still managing 100% attendance …..

And as all good things eventually come to an end, so did the hostel life…. Well the time had come when we got pretty serious about our futures, some of us planning for higher studies and some for job. Today even as we are miles away from each other, whenever we feel low…we realize that we are just a call away from our chums….Hostel life has taught me a lot….I did miss the unconditional love and the yummy food of home but what I gained was much more than what I missed. I gained confidence on self, independence to make and take decisions, learnt the meaning of struggle, learnt that all that glittered was not gold, learnt how to solve my problems by self without escalating the tension home…and last but not the least I gained friends for a lifetime.

We all have had our own share of Pandora boxes but we overcame all of them with the strong peer support and the care we carried for each other and no matter come what may, we always stood by each other in good and bad seasons of life. I am ever grateful to destiny for planning the wonderful episode of my life which made me realize the importance of parents, home and friends and prepared me for the callous world which was just waiting to unleash the unexpected challenges I was bound to face.



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