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Saturday, August 30, 2008

My feudal Lord ~ Book review

"What could possibly be the plight of a woman who is trapped in the whims and fancies of a feudal society, of a woman who has grown not knowing what is love even in the presence of her parents, of a woman who has carried a severe inferiority complex all her life due to undue comparison with siblings younger to her, of a woman who craved for trust and attention she deserved but when all she got was incessant ridicule and betrayal from her own folks, of a woman who chose to walk on the road of thorns that ultimately led her to the gateway of hell, of a woman who was driven to paranoia by a sadist whom she chose willingly as her life partner, of a woman who somewhere played a major role in the misleading twists and turns of Pakistan politics, of a woman who lost everything - from property to children(who were her only source of happiness in her chaotic life)to her feudal husband, following a cataclysmic divorce…"

Well this is the biography of a beautiful woman born in the highly affluent, influential and richer than the rich Durrani family - My Feudal Lord!

MY FEUDAL LORD is a mediocre autobiography written by a traumatized Tehmina Durrani about her despondent life she led with a feudal lord, the infamous Mustafa Khar (The one time right hand man of Mr.Zulfikar Ali Bhutto) for 14 enduring years. The author takes the reader in her roller coaster life that she starts off as the sixth wife to Mustafa Khar – The one time LION OF PUNJAB. As the chapters of her life unfold, events follow stating how her marriage slowly caged her in a hellhole where she endured unremitting physical abuse and mental torture inflicted by her husband. Her nightmarish life also gives an insight into Pakistan politics which had turned into a bloodhunting arena for power where people were all set to sacrifice anything and everything, just to get hold of the power. The authors further takes the reader into a demoralized political world of Pakistan where nothing but anarchy and mistrust prevailed, where words like trust, compassion and humanity were hypothetical and where nothing was what it seemed! Her personal life was no less wretched. Strained relations with her mother and a paranoid world created by her husband only made her journey of life worse!

As the reader progresses, wasted politics of Pakistan and events such as the military coup by General Zia-Ul-Haq, the disgraceful execution of Mr. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, the exile of the Bhutto family that migrated to London for those strenuous 14 years, the souring of Indo-Pak relations, the mysterious rise of the manipulative Mustafa Khar – the author’s husband (who was then the plausible political successor of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and who is said to have been named as the Brutus who back stabbed Bhutto by relegating to the military coup in the last minute), the unexplained death of the general and Mustafa Khar’s temporary exile to UK and the author’s own turbulent life and her participation in politics helping in the political rise of her husband by becoming a noteworthy member of the political clout and last but not the least how her tragic relationship with her husband ended in a catastrophic divorce, losing out her children and property to him, are some of the major highlights of this book.

This book is a an eye-opener for every female of the feudal world – "Suffering injustice itself is a sin!"



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