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Monday, April 26, 2010

The woman on the beach.....

The long lithe legs strode serenely making light imprints of a pair of shapely foot on the loose porous sand. The slender hands clasped together forming a fist like earth; The burgundy coloured curls danced over her shoulders with each pace she put forth and the dark brown eyes meandered towards the beautiful horizon as the milky white waves splashed the brackish sea water athwart her. Then all of a sudden, the figure just halted. The Sun was hitting the bed with a deep ginger colour settling on the mammoth sky. With the time, the fluffy cumulus, now fully painted with a galore of orange and yellow, tinged with an azure on its lining, seemed to grow thicker with the onset of dusk. They seemed to cast their dazzling image on the deep blue waters which made the sea look even more majestic. The sharp nose twitched as another wave hit the form harder than before. The lips moved slightly as if to mouthe something but stopped for some reason. It appeared to her as if the God of Light were bidding a good day. Abruptly, she walked towards the sea with her arms outstretched as if embracing the horizon. As she treaded, images of every phase of her fifty year old life flooded back to her: Her childhood, her adolescence, her adulthood, her professional life, her marriage, her motherhood, her personal life which centred around her family and friends and now this moment which she was currently living. Her life had come in full circle with its shares of happiness and miseries. Now as she reckoned the most unforgettable moments of her life, a drop of tear trickled down her cheek and fell into the waters below. It was as if the whirlwind of emotions in her was being patiently perceived by the giant force of the nature on which she stood.

The sea had always been an enigma to her. The dark waters captivated her as much as they terrified her. To her, the sea was a yet to be unearthed mystery, an inexplicable element, a ray of hope when all the doors of goodwill closed, a guide who addressed solutions to the inevitable Pandora boxes that were the speed breakers in a journey called LIFE. It had many a times given clues to her unanswered queries during the roller coaster moments that had at a time defied her very existence. Yet, she could not reach out to the unseen unfathomable force that had been guiding her so far, despite having felt it for a little time when she had craved for it, needed it desperately. And now she wanted to meet it, embrace it forever, hold it close and never let it go. There was an impulsive surge in her to reunite with the force from where she was born. Then suddenly a huge wave lashed out at her shoving her on the shore. There she was, lying on the sand as one defeated mortal, who had no other choice but to march back on her verve to live. But she knew she would meet the omnipresence some day. Only that it was just not her time.

To be continued.....



Blogger vinayak said...

nani... u rockkkkk.....

April 26, 2010 at 11:43 PM  

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