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Monday, August 23, 2010

Atithi, tum kab jaoge .....

And finally, I got a day off! Stomach always upsets me on a Monday. I was just getting ready for my office and was about to leave when a shooting pain made me retreat back home! Nevertheless, I thank my tummy for getting me a day off! All the melodrama of my stomach started on saturday, when my stomach rumbled for some time and then grumbled persistently about the discomfort. I had headed home early then. But little did I know that the weekend was waiting to unravel some untimely comedy of errors (errrr......should I say Murphy was enjoying at my expense?).....

I would say, I have met various kinds of people but have identified only a few for their nature. And I have come to realize, I am often offended by people who are insensitive idiots, whose insensitivity is born out of ignorance! Or, should I say, ignorance is no more a bliss in today’s world? Off late, I have been bugged by the fact that: Adjustment is never an easy thing to come in terms with! Be it with, whosoever!Still,trying to adjust with the word: Adjustment!!

Coming to the cruz of my rants,nowadays, whenever I hear the statement: Atithi Devo Bhava,I fly into a seething rage!Well here goes my tale of having unwelcome guests!!

There are two annoying clowns I have met recently, 2 childhood buddies of my FIL, who think my home is a “chai ka tapri” for them. They come on a Sunday and come as if they will never leave the place (come early in the morning and leave late)!First,I was considerate enough, thinking my FIL needed good company. Later I figured out, he needed good sleep which was being hampered by his good friends.In fact,there have been days,when he used to doze off to sleep and they used to sit in the hall and watch CID. Well,I am not sure if watching CID at my place is any different from watching CID at their own places in their own televisions! To add to all this,the voice of one of the persons is loud enough to be heard a few streets away!! So every Sunday which I get as a welcome break from my office, gets only busier and irritating all the more!!

And it happened this Sunday too, when I was unwell! My woes couldn’t get any worse when the trouble duo came and jested all day along rattling in loud pompous voice watching the CID on television. I already hated that series and now my hate for that series has only grown manifold ever since my Sunday naps have gone for a six. 60 year old people, behaving so childish! I know, people when approach old age, become children. But I had thought they were “childlike” children and not “childish”.

Well, just that I have to train my mind to speak out what it feels,I realized there shouldn’t be any harm in being rude.....because being rude to a few people doesn’t mean, we are wrong, but at times, that is the only language a few pests understand!!



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