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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mind awakens, Fingers in action after a long time

A long time since I wrote my heart out, and my blogger’s den has been locked for such a long time. Not that I did not have the time, but i could not just write anything, because that is what I do for the whole part of the day. But then, as I got up early today (quite unlikely of me!), I just felt the urge to vent my heart out. Not any special topic that I would write about, but was just wondering about the changes that i have experienced post my joining a new organization. When I joined here, I did not expect to make any new friends, but acquaintances. But by God’s grace, did make a few sweet friends, who have been kind enough to help me out at times, when I have felt low. Staying alone with hubby posted along LOC, with not much company would not have been easy without some of these sweet girls I have met and the good books they introduced me to. Ever since, mind has become calmer and more sane perhaps. And then it is all fun to listen to people’s talks (or should I say gossips?), without getting much involved. However, whenever I hear all this, a wise man’s wordings caution me, ‘a person who gossips to you, gossips about you as well’. True, but seriously, i wouldn’t care about that perhaps. Am not sure, if that is wiser or otherwise. But yes, the current job is more rewarding than the previous, when it comes to the kind of job. Besides, one gets to see a different crowd here, most of them young, single and ready to mingle. At times, me and one of my friends sit back and enjoy the small funny (though clichéd) escapades of the young crowd getting blown away by waves of crush, infatuation and puppy love. And then there are some funnier people who love to keep themselves in limelight. In another corner yet, there is a bunch which just focuses on work and work. But overall, i would say the workplace is colourful and at the same time, has so much to teach, but that is only if one is patient enough to study human behaviour. And as far as my role in my office is concerned, I am the master of my moods. Fortunately on most days, I love to write and there are days, when I just love to bug my neighbours and spread my infectious mood of joblessness which easily infects the others too :P. Apart from the life at office, Internet and books give good company at home. So life so far is good, but waiting for it to get better. Let’s see what destiny has for me 



Blogger Jayaram said...

Good one, so your back with a bang. Hope to see many more of the good writings on this space.

November 10, 2010 at 9:09 PM  

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