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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Beginning aint easy ever .....

What does it take to know a life? A life that is ‘life’ and is silently watching you every second, every minute, every hour every day, from the time it takes form? It knows you in and out and probably better than you know yourself and cautions you each time you over emote. A small reprimand, a small gesture of sulk, a craving to do something that the mind wants to but cannot, a desire to be near the most loved one who is not around, a need for a peaceful sleep sans dreams, all seem to cloud into one big cloud of emotions, which is not differentiating into happiness or sadness, but is a tangled miscellanea of sensations. And then there is loneliness which brings in a tinge of darkness, making the heart feel empty and the breath full, eyes blurred and ears deaf. The feeling gets profound with time, making self feel disoriented but poignant. And the life keeps silently watching the episode, day by day, week by week, month by month, not totally unaware of what the self is facing. But it knows for sure, that some other soul is there but not around. It wonders who, but it is keen to know the ‘who’. It feels, it might as well comprehend why the self is so obsessed with the gamut of emotions on strike. But then the life waiting to happen is patient, patient enough to feel the world with clear eyes, sharp ears and serene thoughts and to meet the complete world of its own. And the wait has just started.....



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