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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mundane thoughts, clichéd mindset.....

Watched 3 Idiots for the third time! I wondered why the movie happened to fetch a huge fan following! There were many things, quite unrealistic, but still the movie grossed quite a bounty for itself! Why? The reason is simple! The concept was not new, but it was portrayed in the silver screen for the first time in a simple way. In fact, it is the story of every home where every child undergoes the same academic pressures, same peer pressures, pressures of deadlines, fear of failing and what not! But the question is: Has the thought process changed? Not quite, I believe.....

Life has become a race, devoid of the creativity factor. Thousands of engineers are produced everyday and I bet, 90% of them become one coz they are forced to become one! I loved one of the statements made by our hero Rancho: Yahan pe gadhe manufacture hote hain! Precisely! And all these “donkeys”, immaterial of what branch they belong to, dive into companies that fetch them money and flats! What bothers me is, why people are so scared to try new things, with a difference? Anything different bothers them! I can say this today because I had undergone a similar experience. I too became an engineer (by choice), and entered the IT industry (by choice), but later realized the industry did not intrigue me enough! A career switch from being an software programmer to a content writer made me realize this fact. I am not sure, if i am doing any justice to my current job, but am definitely doing some to my heart...

But there is one thing I can definitely vouch for! The world outside is creative, with a lot of things to explore. Meeting new people, reading good books and exploring hobbies is something everyone has to get into! Who know, one might turn out like the Farhan of 3 Idiots, who went on to become a wildlife photographer. Am not saying, engineering has become every man’s compulsion! It is one of the best and evergreen lines. Even I am an engineer and I know the value of this field. You learn things, both on a personal and academic front, which help a great deal in applying the knowledge wherever the requirement calls for! But such things come out of interest and not because, parents want to live their unfulfilled dreams through the next generation. It is high time, people come out of the much clichéd mindset of engineering and management and explore the unexplored arenas like sports, dance, music, painting, to be precise arts! Or should i say, the frogs in the well should try taking a mammoth leap into the ocean to embrace the change, which I hope will be for good.....! Period!



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