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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thoughts in action .....

Why is it that we always want to hear, what we desire to? We like to see, what we love to and we want things to happen the way we want them to happen. Isn’t it? And then follows one list of woes of a human: disappointment, frustration, irritation, despair and the list is never ending. Human nature is quite complex. It aint possible for every human to think alike. Every mind is unique, different and in a few cases, it is wayward. And every mind builds a plethora of expectations and expects to meet all of them. There you go, expectations, a dark but unavoidable facet of every personality. Probably the root cause of all problems and also the only relentless solution. That is how probably life teaches, experience. But needless to say, we expect and expect more knowing, where all the worldly disappointments are hidden in that deadly word - expect, which come up like cream in a sweltering coffee in less opportune moments, making self feel defeated. More sad, perhaps. And we try again. Again and again. But then that is human nature, isn’t it? Relentless and trying. It just keeps trying. Trying to prove, to live, to expect.



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