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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Why this 'kolaveri di', after all? ~ When creativity died

Off late, I was amused at how a status message (even if it is just an opinion) could garner a storm of attention instantly. Had one such experience with a status message that I had put up on Facebook. Now, before I share it here, I want to tell my readers as I always state time and again, that whatever I write here is a mere reflection of my thoughts and not some universal statement that should intentionally brush someone the wrong way. Nothing more, nothing less!

So this was my message on Facebook:

“well...well..am really forced to react to this horrible 'kolaveri song'.....every damn news channel is blaring with this ear pricking song by a totally wasted actor whose voice is even more irritating than the nonsensical lyrics of the song....and here, am not sure which one sucks more! #stupidityisnotentertaining”

And I was astounded at the way my status paved way for a discussion forum and all for what? A tacky song by Dhanush (the Kadhal Konden star) that has been composed and sung by him in Tamil, in a funny Tam-glish tone. I do understand that this actor has a huge fan following, but failed to understand what made this song such a rage? Facebook was over flooding with the updates on this song, and there were other funnier linguistic versions in Gujarati and Marathi. But still, there is absolutely nothing that made this song such a center of attention. Here, I have a few reasons on what made this song such a hit!
  • The 'Kolaveri di' song is full of nonsensical lyrics sung in a regionally baked English in a rustic tone. Hell yes, it had to be a hit in Tamil Nadu. And why not everywhere, thanks to the herd mentality!
  • Creativity is so misunderstood today. Even some gobbledygook such as this is treated as something indigenous and some people find it ‘catchy’. Don’t know what to catch in it, 'soup' or 'flop'? 
  • Social networking is another reason for this song to have become an instant hit! Where less than a quarter of this world might have actually understood this song, most of them just liked and shared it because they thought it was cool doing so!  
  • The song is supposed to be some 'soother' for love failed guys! But then, people did not enjoy it because it was some ‘soup song' or 'flop song', but because people are highly entertained by stupidity, something they can make fun of and can giggle about for no rhyme or reason! And then for Dhanush, the song just got him in unlimited limelight (something which he saw coming his way). After all, publicity be it any, always works out for celebrities. And doesn't it always?  
  • And last but not the least, the actor/singer is none other than Rajnikanth’s son-in-law. And when Rajni is still the ruling rooster in South (and probably world famous for his 'out of the world' gimmicks), then why not his son-in-law be not his successor?
The actor's skills are highly overrated and his attempt at singing is surely not worth the efforts he has put in it. I may sound more conventional in this post, but blame it on my ears that have heard a lot of melodies and beautiful compositions and some nice catchy ones too, unlike the above tacky soup flop song. Overall, I find this song horribly composed with ridiculous music and spastic lyrics! Period.



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