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Monday, November 14, 2011


Have you ever taken some time out for self and spent it on trying to know the real you? Guess what, I just felt like doing it today. Precisely, I was wondering what it would feel like to write about myself.....

  1. I am a true Sagittarian right down to the core. Freedom to express and my personal space are sacred to me.
  2. I have been a moderately above average student in school and college days and have great respect for people with high acumen and logic. Though I also believe at the same time, that the world does not run on logic and intelligence alone.
  3. I am fiercely protective of my family. My family is my world. For me, my son, my husband, my parents and my in-laws (my complete family) supersedes every other thing in the world, including friendships.
  4. I hate charade and can never pretend to be something I am not. And I can never be nice when I am not nice. My eyes always give it away. (but then, who is always good all the time?)
  5. It is easy to make me angry. Rather, I have zero tolerance to insensitivity and am highly allergic to bullshit. But then I cool down quickly once I have poured my heart out (pertaining to my Sagittarian traits). Therefore, I am predictable in my actions.
  6. I love animals but only from a distance. I am quite against taming them as pets and caging them in our homes just because a human wants it that way. I believe even animals have their privilege of enjoying the freedom the way we do. As per me, it is wrong to cage them and then show the world that we love them.
  7. I do not like to confront people much or get into arguments. I try my best to be as amicable as possible but when my tolerance is pushed to the wall, I can retort in the worst of possible ways. I hate to participate in arguments that seem more like a chakravyuh, with no end and no means of getting out. But I do like healthy arguments where an argument/discussion eventually makes its way to a conclusion.
  8. I love action, thriller, horror and epic movies. And movies with colossal violence (like 300, Gladiator, Clash of the Titans, Ben Hur, Troy and too many to list here) thrill me. Ask me my action idols! Milla Zovovich and Uma Thurman are my stars. Be it Project Alice slashing away zombies in Resident Evil series or Beatrix Kiddo aka The Bride wiping out the Deadly wiper gang with her hattori hanzo sword, I can watch these movies N number of times. I am also a big fan of manga based movies and can watch Kung fu loaded ones anytime.
  9. And that reminds me, I love comics. Spiderman and Batman remain my favorites until date. And I still love to read Jataka tales, Tin Tin and Tinkle Digest.
  10. I cannot stand public display of affection. And therefore, hate romance on screen and off screen. Yes, I am not that romantic at heart. For me, love goes beyond such mortal pleasures. For me, love is not what my hubby brings me home, a bouquet or a box of chocolates; but when he looks into my eyes and tells me that I still am his most beautiful woman , despite the fact that I am yet to shed off some extra pounds. For me, love is beautiful and sacrosanct only when concealed.
  11. I hate male chauvinists and misandrists alike. Both are disgusting knuckleheads!
  12. I neither forget nor forgive. Yet, I am not vengeful. So, I do not keep anything as a bad relation. For me, it is either a good relation or no relation with anybody. When I don’t like someone, I never talk to them thereafter. I don’t believe in mending broken friendships either.
  13. Back in school days, loved reading Agatha Christe, Perry Mason, Alistair Mclains, Robin Cook, Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys series. And now love to read autobiographies, biographies and non fictions. Now, I am more attracted to books that are inspiring and contain a great writing style. I do not have much taste for love stories and fictions. But then if you ask me which one is the best literary work I have read until now, then I have two in mind for the moment. They are Ayn Rand’s Fountain head and Bram Stroker’s Dracula.
  14. I believe everyone is a hypocrite, or has been so at some point of time in life. Only the degree varies from person to person.
  15. I like bright colors. Red, blue and black are my favorites.
  16. I do not like aerated drinks. Detested them ever since childhood. However, I still have a liking towards Fruti, Maaza, Slice and Dukes.
  17. I do not like pushers and would never want to be a pusher. I believe, productivity in academic and work life breeds from a sense of free hand and open mind.
  18. However, I am not that open minded when it comes to relationships. I am a typical conventional Indian woman who believes in the concept of dahleez. I believe in the sanctity of marriage and further believe strongly that in a marriage, there is always a boundary that marks the circle of freedom and space for a couple, a frontier that neither must cross at any given time.
  19. I hate comparisons. I feel each one of us is unique and for no reason must be compared to another. And I believe, if there is someone to be compared with, it is self and self alone.
  20. My fun quotient is moderately good. Can afford to laugh at myself when I make the silliest of silly mistakes and can ingest criticism to some extent, as I believe criticism is as essential for a personality development as encouragement.
  21. I cannot trust people easily. I am a keen observer of people and never trust the first vibes I get from them in the first meet. Rather I take my own sweet time to make friends.
  22. I hate crowd. Any crowded street makes me feel claustrophobic.
  23. I love stage. And when it comes to public speaking, I kind of feel that the entire stage belongs to me. I can talk and talk for hours on any given topic at that moment.
  24. I do not have much inclination towards singing despite the fact, that my mother sings beautifully. However, I love instruments. Keyboard is my love in my world of music.
  25. I do not like overtly superstitious people. Neither do I like people who suffer from inferiority complex and try to camouflage it under a fake persona.
  26. I love to read a lot of blogs and love to blog too. It is my blog where I feel the real me, the real soul that speaks through my tongue.
  27. I love to take candid snaps of people and events (of course, caught unaware!), and manage to take decently good ones.
  28. I do not have much craze for cars and bikes. I avail public transport wherever I am and whenever I can. And I love to travel by public transport as I put on my ear phones and listen to old rock, at the same time relishing the view of anything and everything outside the window.
  29. I have little inclination towards cooking. However, I can cook moderately well for my family. I binge on tea, coffee and milk. Hate ice creams (especially mango and strawberry flavor) and chocolates. But then, I love home baked chocolate brownies!Coming to cuisines, Thai and Keralite ones top my list.
  30. I am a big time shopaholic. My all time favorites that top my shopping list are: Perfumes, wallets, handbags and sandals.
  31. And last but not the least. If you ask me, what is life, it is more like a lesson for me that contains indefinite syllabus and throws surprise tests at moments least expected. The lesson just has no end. It is like a Chinese box that keeps opening new chapters which always self invite with an air of suspense before unraveling themselves. And so, I find it exciting to study life that is more a roller coaster ride with its bumps, and yet so enjoyable and thrilling.
  32. Now none of the above stated might be of be any relevance to anyone. But then, for people who know me well, need not read this post. For people who think they know me well, must definitely read this post. And for people who do not know me and want to know me, I only got to say - 'Sorry people! This ain't the whole story!'



Blogger Farila said...

Enjoyed reading this blog.. and as you say though it does not affect us in anyway, we always do enjoy reading about people. Something connects us in those words......

November 14, 2011 at 10:04 PM  
Blogger Narayani Karthik said...

Thanks Farida :) God bless...!!

November 15, 2011 at 12:03 AM  
Blogger Saikarthik Iyer said...

I know you guess what and I always knew you'll be a very good writer.Although because of some circumstances we are no longer friends at this point of time.Congratulations to you and my friend Karthik on you two becoming proud parents of your little prince. I was just trying to while away my time when I came across your linkedIn profile and happened to read your blogs today.Keep it up I'll be looking forward to your blogs and possibly your book some time soon.

November 15, 2011 at 1:18 AM  
Blogger Sujatha Sathya said...

wow! you did such a nice self-introspection here.loved the last image :)
hmm... i am so tempted to do an introspection like this one but am doubtful if can come you with so many
things about myself....

did you take a lot of time to write this or did it just flow and wrote itself?

can you pls remove the word verification?

November 20, 2011 at 8:19 PM  
Blogger Narayani Karthik said...

Thanks Sujatha.....well the article just poured out actually.....and u see, there is much more to write about self, but at that moment, this was what took over my mind :)Just do it! am sure u will be pleasantly surprised! :)

Cheers & God bless...!!

November 20, 2011 at 9:39 PM  

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