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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Beauty of ageing.....Nature's way! ~ A perspective of life

Whenever self sees advertisements on how to get a fair skin, how to shoot down extra/healthy pounds and how to battle the ageing factor, a plethora of questions always clog. Is being dark or dusky that bad? Is being healthy or a lil fat too unattractive? Is ageing such a shameful thing that it has to be camouflaged somehow under the thick layers of fairness and anti wrinkle creams? Not that self wants definite answers, but it quite gets amusing when people go insanely crazy over battling the ageing factor. People today, prefer to undergo painful cosmetic surgeries to a painless ageing that is nature given. Is there an ingrained fear in today's world, fear of growing old? Self ponders, what is so bad about it? After all, everything ages and everything withers with time. Trees grow old, a few insects like mayfly have a lifetime of a day, some flowers wither away in a few hours, and yet all of them accept nature’s three laws of birth, life and death with grace, except for human beings. Man does not just want to live long, he wants to live long and still be looking the same for all times to come like the chalky white Edward Cullen (the 110 year old vampire!) from the Twilight series……

Fear of ageing.....?

It is often strange that, when we are born, we all wish to grow fast. From infants to toddlers, from toddlers to school going children and then from school going children to rebellious teenagers, the urge to grow into adults gallops by leaps and bounds. And then finally, when adulthood arrives at one’s much awaited behest, all of a sudden, that urge to grow (on a spiritual level), to evolve, to age dies down silently. Particularly, people in the age group 20-30 would either bluff about their age or fear to touch 30 and prefer to be somewhere between 22-27 for a while that extends their actual birth year. (Yes, self knows this distant cousin of hers who has been claiming to be 23 years dot for the past 5 years, despite being just a couple of years younger to self who will be hitting 30 in the next couple of years!). And then, this lot of people who still feel that they have not grown much and like to be considered as teens, feel that age hampers fun. It hampers their physical attributes that add up to their attraction quotient and put them out of a league, they assume is only for people who look young perpetually! But then, why must people get so freaked out at this natural process of ageing? Self continues pondering.....

Man's way or Nature's way.....?

If one has observed in shopping malls, there is always some cosmetic brand advertising their products, by even giving a trial version of their products for free. Yes, self has been one of those cosmetic fans who actually believed all that was said and promoted. And way back then, self had been such a cosmetic maniac. It took 3 complete years to dawn on self about how much it has been spending on the cosmetics only to get little worth and more problems. Yet, people always get swept away by the aroma and scents of cosmetic products which add on to the color and tone of the skin, even if only for a while. And all of it based on one undying assumption that ageing can be stalled. In all of the above attempts on how one should look, what should be the skin color, how to keep the hair from greying and how the body should be kept toned, one always forgets the soul, which a dress called body clothes. It too needs to be in good health. And how will it be in good health when all the attention is riveted on the dress part alone? Everything just seems perfect in the glassy pinky glossy world of anti ageing/anti wrinkle/cosmetic world. However, the real beauty lies in the real brown and dusty world outside, where things happen only one way and that is the nature's way!

Food for thought.....

A man's life is defined by the phases he outlives. Each phase comes with its curve balls and each phase brings some change in his appearance, his personality and his approach towards life. And it goes without saying, each phase has to be accepted with grace. Apparently, a man’s life is like a pyramid, when it is about age. The pinnacle of this pyramid is fixed, however NOT for all time and for the same life through out. So while the dress called body is kept in good condition, so should the soul be in good health too. Instead of relying too much on costly and frequent aroma therapy followed by spas and beauty treatments to temporarily bring a glow on the face, it is much easier to follow a few tips at home. Drink a lot of water, eat healthy and walk a few miles everyday. Economical way to keep your skin radiant, body toned and head cool! And even if there were a few wrinkles that show up on one's face and a few shades of grey that shine on one's head, they better be treated as laugh lines and silver strands that give more of a grace and radiance to the ageing factor, rather than treating such changes with contempt and fray. Just remember, even our earth which is more than a billion years old looks beautiful with its shades of blue and green only after having aged so much. Rather it has evolved from a brown sphere of gases and volcanic activity into a beautiful planet of land, oceans and life over the years! Just an analogy, folks! Nothing more, nothing less :)

As I end this post, I remember my favorite idol Audrey Hepburn’s quote:

After all, ageing is like vintage wine. Gets better with time and best when old! Enjoy while it lasts ;)



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