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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Getting to know each other ~ Joys of Motherhood

3rd July '2011 : 11:30 AM

Nothing changed instantly. Everything changed gradually. And the transition started with a plodding alteration from a hot sultry weather to one with strong winds, heavy rains and a lot more humidity in the atmosphere. The changes were not just external. They were inside her too, physically, emotionally and spiritually. With an eventful week past her operation, and with many more exciting weeks yet to come, she looked dazed, physically and emotionally drained. The incision from her operation had almost healed. As she was recuperating, she was also contemplating on how best she could be what her current role (present) expects of her. A gift that she has now, she realizes, the magnitude of effort that will be put in keeping the gift of God at its best, will be mammoth. And nothing is ever so easy. (Was it anytime, any day?) As she looks ahead, the future looks a lot more certain than before, yet clouded with some occasional patches of reservations. She waits for time to fly (as she always wished), but yes, she is also enjoying the present inevitable moments filled with those cocktailed emotions of great joy, frequent bouts of anxieties, some fear and some assurances. As her husband puts it subtly, ‘To get something good and retain it, you not only need to earn it, but learn to keep it intact!’ And every experience of her current state was relentlessly teaching the same.....

.....As she looks at her gift from the Almighty, a cherubic son with his father’s genes showing up in his good looks, she sighs- ‘Aaah! Now I know why parenthood is an esteemed phase in a couple’s life.’ As the trio: the father, the son and herself, are putting great efforts to know each other better, the journey of this adorable phase of parenthood continues with a lot of expectations and joy. The little one’s persistent shouts (for myriad reasons) only to be accompanied by a sweet innocent smile later, his constant flailing of hands and legs at a time when the whole world sleeps around him only to be followed by a sound sleep of contentment when it is wakey time for the world and with his tiny fingers wrapped around her finger tightly.....Aaah! if she had felt anything close to heaven, perhaps this was it! Each time he looks at her with a toothless grin, each time he yawns with his tiny hands and legs stretching to their limits, each time he gives a shout for food, sleep and playtime, each time his granny lullabies him to sleep with the grandpa keeping a watchful eye over him and each time he tugs at his father’s sleeves with his tiny fingers with a proud smile..... those moments..... are just timeless.....wish she could lock them in the safest, deepest chasms of her mind.....where she could revel in them till eternity..... Motherhood is assailable yet tough, parenthood is enjoyable yet grueling. Nevertheless, it is going to be a long way, a long long journey for her, her husband and their little prince.....

Define love. When your baby smiles at you for the first time with his little hands and legs raised to the sky.

Define trust. When your baby looks at you with that knowing that when you lift him towards the sky and let your hands free only for an instant to hold him back again.

Define faith. When your baby looks at you with those innocent eyes contently waiting to be picked up and cuddled with utmost faith that he will be picked up and loved.

Can only say..... God bless...!!



Blogger Spicy Sweet said...

Beautifully expressed! Emotions unveiled brilliantly.
Loved the post.
Happy parenting!

July 4, 2011 at 4:53 AM  
Blogger Narayani Karthik said...

Thanks dearie :)

July 4, 2011 at 7:11 AM  

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