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Saturday, May 21, 2011

A random chunk of thoughts ~ Mind-full Musings

11:45 PM, 21st May ‘2011

.....And my random ramblings of mind are in action at a time when the town slumbers! Yes, I am a nocturnal kind, as my mom says I was born at 9 PM in a cold night of December. Well, that owl-ish trait has tagged along ever since childhood much to the chagrin of my parents who are early birds who stick by – ‘Early to bed, early to rise’. And I conveniently chose to stick by the antonym-al phrase:- ‘Late to bed and so, Late to rise’! Although my sleeping habits annoy my parents to no bounds, they are forced to accept a fact of life, Habits die hard, don’t they? (and in my case, habits live forever!)

Today was just one peaceful day, sans tensions, worries, illogical thoughts and irrational delusions. Half of my day was spent at the hospital where I was undergoing a routine check up, considering am in final trimester of entering motherhood. And with most time spent there and keeping myself busy with APJ’s Wings of Fire, until my turn came, I found the day pacing away calm and fast! Wish, every day passed that way, just like that *snap*! And the evening was good, with me blogging away to glory. Ever since I started blogging, I have felt myself evolving into a better person. Why? Because, this is one place, where I get to share my thoughts (or junk?) with great bloggers around, who have been a great inspiration to me when it came to expression of thoughts in words! And besides, blogging is something that is keeping my indolent fingers and my idle brain, alive and kicking, for good!

Well, this evening proved to be even better, as mangoes have arrived in town. And I couldn’t resist them! So weird of me! Before entering motherhood, I detested mangoes. I never went near them! I couldn’t stand that smell! And after entering the most beautiful phase of being a woman, I am not able to take my eyes off them! Well, pregnancy can do unimaginable things to you, but all of them are most of the times, adorable! Off late, my liking towards fruits have gone on a high, again for good, wherein exactly an year back, fruits were perpetually ignored in the list of foods I binged on usually and were rather were placed in a list of foods I never thought of touching. Somehow, I feel I have probably overcome my cravings for foods that contained more fat than nutrition and have got a taste for ‘healthy’! Well, don’t know how far my self control will last, but hope it lasts for a while!

12.00 AM, 22nd May ‘2011

…..As my ramblings continue, (which never have an end), 22nd May has already welcomed me! I am eagerly waiting for this month to end! June should probably come with some rains to mellow down the severe heat wave of May. Wish the weather cooled down, so that I can resume taking long walks in the evening, talking to my husband over phone or listening to good music all along.

Well, this is a time I crave for ripe golden mangoes, a chilled weather, good rains that wash down the dust of the road and turn the yellow grass green, and some nice puddles where I can make some paper boats and help them sail, like in the good old school days! At this point, nostalgia intervenes and I am reminded of a phase in life, where I can view a 11 year old school going girl with a yellow raincoat, taking off her gumboots to empty the water off and put them on again and jumping around in the small puddles, deriving immense pleasure, an innocent one! Wish ‘could turn back time’ to relive those days again!

Aaah! Too much of wishful thinking is so full of greed…..but greed feels good at times! Doesn’t it?



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