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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mindless musings, random thoughts ~ Mood Swings

May 11 ‘2011 : 11:45 PM

Sometimes, silence works wonders. And sometimes it can be the perfect stalemate, a reason to kill with its weapon of boredom! For reasons I do not know, today was a day when I felt offbeat, silent in a weird way! My parents, though are used to my sudden but infrequent bouts of mood swings, this one jilted me in a strange way!

For some reason, today I just felt – ‘The less you talk, less bothered you feel’. This statement coming from me can make some people swoon away in shock, but it is so true that my urge to communicate almost died today. The great silence just took over and brought out the zestless, moodless and boring me! And it was not just my silence, but the swing of it that came along, a strange one though, which simply tied my moods and made me almost unreceptive to any emotion. I did not go for walk in the morning. Slept like a hog for 4-5 hours in the day, when these days, a balanced diet, a vigorous walk and a lot of water consumption is mandatory for me! I could not play my keyboard as my mind did not allow me to fetch a song from the music section of my cerebral matter. I did not feel like picking up a book to read! (was on a high yesterday when I was reading APJ’s Wings of Fire). I could not find the idiot box offering anything new (as such I visit the idiot once in a blue moon and this day, this particular day too, it did not take any effort to pacify my mood swing!). More to it, I was plagued by a loss of appetite which was precisely the ‘Murphy’s touch’ to the end of this dreary day. And now, I am just ranting away all of it! Not because, I am bored, but because I have actually got the hang of a mood swing and the urge to blog about it is bringing some life back to my system, by untying the moods slowly!

How is that, that nothing just seems to interest you at times. In such moments, one can hear people screaming around for no reason, the cell ringing with you having nothing to talk about, with a great choice of a platter loaded with delicious meal, with you having no appetite, with every diversion like book, videogame, television, Internet, social networking etc around you with you not able to respond to any of the urges to avert the boredom! Today I just felt all of the above! Or should I say, ‘the perfect impasse that couldn’t get any worse’. It just won’t loosen up. The noose of boredom just keeps getting tighter and tighter until the self gets bored of sleep too. Nevertheless, I am sitting and rambling about it at a time, when the world around me is already done with half of its sleep cycle…..

May 12 ‘2011 : 12:15 AM

….And my mindless ramblings keep continuing, although a new day has started. In 3 hours from now, the birds will wake up and start chirping! And an hour later, my hyperactive mommy would get up and start her household chores, only to be supported by my adorable daddy whose wakey time would be an hour later, around 5 AM. As for me, the Goddess of sleep seems to be showering her blessings on me persistently and perpetually so that my morning starts at a time, when my parents consider the day almost nearing its end!

Sometimes I wonder at the chromosomal combination I tend to have inherited. With both my parents being extremely hyperactive and brainy, how was it that I caught up with a genetic composition that made me the laziest and not so intelligent creature on earth! Nevertheless, it does not bother me any more as it used to in my school days. Well, I have just accepted for a fact that the intelligent/active genes in me are perhaps recessive and would probably become the dominant ones in my little one (which must be wondering by now, what is my mommy upto, at such an odd hour in the night? ;))Hoping so :)

I guess it is time for me to hit the bed. And guess what, am feeling better now! Feels like something unfriendly that was holding my breath so tight for the past 24 hours, suddenly released its grip! Hopefully, I would get a sound sleep too :)

Good night folks, or is it Good 'early' morning? ;)



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