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Sunday, November 13, 2011

When Martians and Venusians spoke..... ~ Playing advocate

Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.....

Sure, none of the above species belong to Earth. They came from the neighboring planets and tried hard to adjust in a place called Earth, made a home here and then again strived harder to stay with/tolerate/coexist with each other as amicably as possible. And that is how peaceful coexistence came on Earth. But then, was that easy? Hell No! Coz, peaceful coexistence is not just about accepting the differences in each other, but also adapting to the changes in due course of time. However, in this peaceful coexistence there have been hitches as a result of the innate characteristics of the Martians and the Venusians. Oh yeah! When opposites attract with so much of force, there also comes a strong underlying current of tenacity in each, that surfaces from time to time only to threaten the peaceful coexistence. So what has got this Venusian writing about the bond between a Martian and a Venusian? A bit of experience and more of observation perhaps…..So before rediscovering this beautiful bond, here is something that has been on my mind for a while…..

10 things that a Venusian feels for her Martian and wants him to know…..

  1. A Venusian always loves to get attention from her Martian, no matter how much she tries to camouflage it under a cloak of her unassuming nature.
  2. She has a caring heart that often uses the right body language and a wrong tongue to convey the message and hence, that is more often not interpreted by the Martian as it should be.
  3. A Venusian is very possessive of her Martian, though she may not always express it blatantly.
  4. Her eyes speak loud, those untold words which never find their way to her tongue. She is too headstrong to pour out all her feelings explicitly. However, a Venusian’s eyes will never lie, despite the fact that her tongue is a compulsive liar!
  5. When a Venusian cooks for her Martian, she does not just add the right spices and salt but she also adds all the love in her heart to the meal, only to see that content smile on her Martian’s face.
  6. A Venusian never likes to be compared to another of her kind, because she feels she is unique for her Martian. And the comparison if ever done is a blow to her esteem, which is unforgivable.
  7. She needs appreciation and encouragement from time to time even though her work may not be the best in the world.
  8. She likes to talk a lot and wants her Martian to listen to her, even though she knows that most of her conversation may not carry much relevance for him. Yet, an ear to hear is all she asks for.
  9. A Venusian has a stubborn streak hidden within her, which in some surfaces at the slightest provocation and in some does not rise until the situation demands it. In such circumstances, silence is her weapon of defiance. And mind well, it could kill!
  10. And last but not the least, she is a strong follower of her heart. Her heart dictates her mind. Her emotional quotient is high. For her, love for her Martian surpasses every rationality and logic in the world.
So, now that we know what a Venusian wants, let’s hear the Martians too.....

10 things that a Martian feels for his Venusian and wants her to know…..

  1. A true Martian loves his Venusian from the bottom of his heart but pretends to be a way too sardonic about it. The truth is, he does not like exhibition of any sort when it comes to relationships.
  2. His tongue and brain are so connected that whatever goes on in his mind comes out through the tongue without any editions and this happens specially in emotionally sensitive situations. Apparently, he does not know how to be diplomatically correct.
  3. A Martian too is possessive of his Venusian, though he does not care to show it explicitly as he does not like to admit things his ego would not let him to. Mind well, a Martian has tonnes of ego which is what marks him for what he is.
  4. A true Martian never lies to his Venusian, except when his Venusian is overbearing on him without a rhyme or reason.
  5. He loves gadgets and likes to explore them a lot. Machines, bikes and electronic items fascinate him to no bounds.
  6. He likes and respects his space a lot. For him, his space is as sacred as a deity in a temple.Anyone dare to curb it down is sure to bring out the blues in him.
  7. He respects intelligence and rationality. Hence, his emotional quotient is much lower than that of a Venusian.
  8. A Martian loves to spend time with his other Martian friends often, which must not be questioned by his Venusian. For him, a change like that is important and mind well, very important.
  9. For a Martian, his Venusian is his pillar of strength always, no matter how the circumstances turn out to be. He may not accept it but then that is his way of preserving sanctum of a relationship. As per a Martian, certain things need not be expressed or proved. Their silent existence is enough.
  10. And last but not the least, a true Martian loves his family and is fiercely compassionate about it. He can go to any extent to protect it and keep it secure. He possesses a strong shoulder to bear responsibilities, loves his job passionately and not forgetting to mention is always a better planner than a Venusian.
So what prompted me to write about this, I do not know. But it was kind of fun writing this post as it is not just about the fairer and the weaker sex but it is about two out of the world species who complement each other better with their drawbacks rather than with plus points. And that is what keeps this planet going. Isn’t it folks? So strange is the design of the Omnipresence that he made two aliens of opposite nature and somehow managed to help them coexist and then grow and evolve into earthlings. And talking about relationships, there is so much to give and take in it. Especially when considering this beautiful bond between a Martian and a Venusian, a relationship suddenly becomes so colorful and so exciting. It is more like a cabalistic package filled with fun, fights, love, anger, likes, dislikes, doubts, forced silence, fear, anxiety and fluctuating sense of security that surfaces every now and then. However what makes this package even more appealing is the magic of acceptance and adaptation that comes along. From the mythological perspective, when God made Adam and Eve, he sure must have spent years of grey hair contemplating on how to make them two striking individuals who would promulgate the thing called life. And mind well, it applies to other five sensed earthlings too.

And talking about the bond between a Martian and a Venusian, it is hell so complex that it will always remain a contentious topic to debate on who is right and who is otherwise. After all, no relationship for that matter remains perpetually evergreen without those intermittent phases of meaningful/meaningless arguments, mood swings/deviations and a lot of insecurities for unknown reasons. But then, these are the very tit bits in the Martian-Venusian bond that make that relationship adventurous, testing, mystifying and yet exciting. After all, what is a journey without a tinge of adventure? Isn’t it?

P.S: People, you may add/refute/agree/disagree all that you want. The above post is solely based on my perspective. Healthy discussions/arguments are welcome :)



Blogger DeEpAK KaRtHiK (420) said...

Informative one, will use it for future:) actually i have gone through that Men are from Mars and women are from venus book :P
too young to comment :P


November 13, 2011 at 4:28 AM  

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