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Thursday, October 13, 2011

A dreary day, not without a reason..... ~ Mindful musings

October 13th ‘2011, 11:30 PM:

Today the weather has been continually depressing. Not a tree swayed. Not a leaf moved. Not a flower smiled. The Sun had risen late by few minutes. And the dawn had been a silent one with a fewer chirps and tweets. The humidity was all spread like a thick sheet of gloom. Greyish black clouds spread their wings across the sky. They appeared cold and one could not predict if they were going to stay and pour or leave. There was no wind at all, except for a stagnation of air filled with a smog. A moment of dreadful silence! Sometimes, even a stand still moment with no sound can be deafening in its own way. It makes you yearn for the regular cacophony which on any other day could have been a noise more and music less. In fact, the sight outside was so scary, that self dreaded to step out. The Sun was occasionally visible and the Sun rays seemed to be more achromatic than their usual self. Even the thick foliage around seemed to exhibit a pallor which on any other day would have been lush green. The dusk was even more silent. The Sun set and still there was no sound! A day that it has been, a dreary day and not without a reason!

October 14th ‘2011, 12:00 AM:

A new day is about to begin. The sky is pitch black and there is not a sound yet. There is a creepy feeling that the unseen elements in the sky above want to say something! And then, there is a roar from a place above and beyond the scope of sight. Looks like the sky is now preparing to pour down.....

….. Dear rains, looks like you just forgot to say a good bye! And now self understands why you had been in such a mood for the past one day. But then, you don’t have to upset yourself so much! You will be here some other day, some other time, in the next year! Isn’t it? So take a chill pill, dear weather :)



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