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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Melancholy beats when.....~ Mind Bubble

.....time begins to unravel that particular deadpan phase of an otherwise roller coaster existence, a phase that is yet to dissolve at the dawn of conviction, which continues to elude the sands of time with persistence. The soul continues fighting the inner demons of untold fears, the fear of unknown. It feels the grim of the current state of mind and holds back the heat of emotions that are churning at the pit of the stomach. And that is when the silent soul while still unable to speak, continues to think.....

"There have been times, good and bad, happy and sad. And in all of it, what remains certain is this time, the current inevitable moment, the current microsecond that ticks away to another. Yes! Time marks the certainty of all uncertainties waiting to happen, pleasant or otherwise. And then they say, Karma is a crazy bitch! Then, time is a hell lot crazier! The times that are concocted of excitement tinged with apprehension, love traced with bouts of anxiety, hope filled pipe dreams clouded by unknown fears and optimism that comes after several rounds of severe mood swings and unthinkable insecurities, can bring in an eerie feeling, a feeling that is composed of myriad emotions, all jumbled up in such a fashion that it is difficult to comprehend which of them is overwhelmingly dominant…..The soul can feel the cloak of insanity engulfing the life into an abyss of darkness.....

When insanity plagues, time stops. The atmosphere is suddenly stand still . Soul does not speak as before. The otherwise rational mind gives in to the vacuity, created by the ‘grace’ of time. And that is when time turns out to be insanely cruel keeping the mind in absolute trepidation, leaving behind a cold feeling of dread. The soul can now feel the body crouching. The lovely lively lips have dried and have started cracking leaving behind deep set red lines smudged with pale colored blood. The bright ebony colored eyes that danced with life just some time before, have sunk deep into their sockets leaving behind an emptiness in a stagnant pool of tears that refuse to come out. The ears do not perceive any distinct sound from the indistinguishable cacophony around. The throat is parched in spite of gulping down glasses of water one after the other .The once glowing rose colored cheeks are drawn inside and now exhibit a pallor that loos more chalky white in appearance. No music seems to soothe the soul. Sleep eludes as usual. No food succeeds in stirring up the taste buds. Every where the mind turns, there is a dead end, with nowhere to go! Yes, if there is anything that is felt, it is pain tinged with fear, fear of unknown! And the only organ that feels it is the heart, the ever indulgent heart that keeps beating as ever.....
Heart! It may be the weakest link but is yet the strongest pain bearer. It somehow keeps up with the capricious pace of time, despite the fact that the pain is debilitating the strength of the body and the mind alike. And at such times, the heart succeeds in winning over the perturbed mind by consoling it with hope, faith and tonnes of optimism."

Hope the soul recovers from the irrepressible mind bubble…..Hope the inner peace returns.....Hope this time too shall pass, to let the new beginning dawn in.....Amen.



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